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More than a Camino

An ancient route as the Camino de Santiago has become much more than a religious or spiritual pilgrimage. Many attribute some prominence as germ of the construction of the European Union because of the multiple routes, starting from the remotest corners of the continent, they ended in the supposed tomb of St. James. Let that into consideration or not, it seems that we must give credit to that point as Alfonso II El Casto, it has been the first pilgrim who came to Santiago to worship according to the legends circulating since 8 centuries that Santiago would have been evangelized by the Peninsula to finally rest in its current location.

What to eat when we do the Camino de Santiago by bike

Cycling is a healthy practice that requires proper nutrition if we get all the way. Today: what to eat when we do the Camino de Santiago by bike.

Tips for cycling in the fall

Roads and trails that lead to Compostela remain open during the fall, although it are less traveled. The Camino de Santiago gets a little dour and its mystical aspect from September to December; even in winter pilgrims keep coming and adverse weather is added to the effort to complete the pilgrimage. If you are considering doing the Camino de Santiago by bike during the fall, here you have some tips to keep in mind.